Overland Experts Winter Terrain Driving Workshop

Overland Experts Winter Terrain Driving Workshop* is designed for novice and intermediate 4x4 owners that are looking to develop and sharpen their technical off-road driving skills in wintertime conditions. Snow, ice, and mud should be expected and this demands a wholly different set of skills if your driving is to remain effective and safe!

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At either one of our purpose-built courses, drivers will be exposed to an extensive trail network that includes the most common obstacles found off road: sand, rocks, ditches (small and large), dead fall(logs), side slopes, off camber, hills and water crossings.

At OEXsWinter Terrain Driving Workshop,you will learn how to "read" the terrain and understand how our linear teaching methods translate to vehicle preservationin a winter environment – keeping you and your vehicle safer on the trails.

Upon completion of this workshop, drivers will have the skills necessary to negotiate the more common obstacles found on the winter trail. Drivers should expect to learn how to break trail in the snow, proper use and installation of snow chains, and "digging out" among other techniques.

Please note: This workshop is not a "trail ride," but rather is designed in such way as to demonstrate proper off road driving technique.

* Due to the unpredictable nature of weather OEX cannot, of course, guarantee snowfall. If conditions do not warrant certain winter driving technique and application, students can expect augmentation of course curriculum to suit conditions.