Module Training Elements

These classes are designed to give a group of trainees a continuum of training in all things 4x4, Overland, and off road. The training is presented in Modules so you get more within an easier to schedule block of trainings.

We designed our modular training with the goal of making you fully capable of participating in, or leading an overland expedition upon completion. We already instruct our returning clients according to the baseline established when they last left. Now, what we’ve done is created an official course of learning for those that want multiple classes in great depth. In addition to continuing education, we have found that our trainees either come to us for the first time in small groups, or return to us as a group. Our Workshops have also brought people together who later return for custom training as a group.

How is this different than custom courses? Very good question. When we train for 1, 2 or many more days for an individual or a group, we as trainers do not know if they'll be returning; so we train as if we might never see them again. In a short training this means you are inundated with a huge amount of information and skills. We know this works to get the skill set cemented into our clients minds, but in hind sight, we also know we would rather have them for a longer, more in-depth education. The more solid we can make their base, the easier it will be for them to advance further. The module approach is our long-term philosophy, in action, teaching specific skills, in concentrated training packets. In other words we do not have to show you how to change an axle on day two, since we know you will be there for the Field Repair module. It is true that any one of these courses will cover less than a 1 or 2 day course, however what will be covered will be in greater detail with more practice and time for troubleshooting. In other words, if you ONLY have time for one class with us that MIGHT turn into more, then take a 1 day custom training class with us instead.

How do these differ from the OEX workshops? Module training results in a tighter more advanced skill set during the time allotted. If you came to us for 12 separate trainings without the plan behind them, we would assume time for review, and time needed to assess your true skill level compared to your last visit, and so forth. When you train using modules, we know positively where you left off and we can quickly and seamlessly resume training without spending undue time gauging your level of knowledge and skill as a group. Also, these courses will be going in much more detail on 4x4 and Overland use. These are longer days designed to fall in a certain order, and be attended by a few people who are all on the same skill level. So with these two issues on the table we created a template of training designed for a small group (12 or fewer) that will lead them from the very basics (or from wherever their skills allow us to start), to become very advanced 4x4, Overland, and Vehicle Based Expedition Leaders. Upon completion of these modules you will receive a certificate of completion from OEX. This certificate will let the world know you have been through series of rigorous courses and your skill set was developed and tested to the OEX standard.

* In order to gain the final certificate applicants must show a certificate of completion for Wilderness first aid. This certificate class is not included in the cost of our courses, but OEX can and will endeavor to hold classes at our branches for groups interested.

Useful links where you can learn more about wilderness first aid

Goals and Objectives

Here is a brief of what this is all about:

  • Trainings are one day each.
  • The modules will be spread over one year, but can be done in longer or shorter periods as scheduling allows.
  • Cost are lower since it is shared across a group and we as a business can charge less since we know we have a retuning customer.
  • The curriculum is based on a definite return of the customer- allows for deeper understanding.
  • The courses are purchased on a yearly basis, - like a membership.
  • The classes will be open to 12 people as individuals, groups, or as a single group.
  • Using your own vehicle(s) will lower costs.
  • Certificate based curriculum
  • OEX trainers and the curriculum will push you to the limit


  1. Fundamentals Off-Road and Overland Mobility - The foundation of our curriculum; a linear approach to understanding the systems of a 4x4 vehicle and terrain assessment and terrain negotiation.
  2. Recovery – Plan safe modes of recovery using traction aids, kinetic rope, winching, Hi-Lift, righting rollovers and various improvised techniques.
  3. Terrain Negotiation – Operate on increasingly difficult terrain using advanced driving skills.
  4. Field Repair – Basic repair for a variety of platforms, ours or yours. Covers critical vehicle systems including tires, radiator, brakes, etc. All field logical and field doable.
  5. Trail Leader – how to lead a trail with 4x4 convoy group.

Optional: Wilderness First Aid – Essential in off-road driving operations where help may not immediately available. Covers incident prevention, situation management and emergency treatment. *This will be made available to those interested and is not included in the price of the modeling pricing. Additional costs will apply. Cost will vary depending on how many people will participate.


The modules are one day each – from 9am to 4pm. The classes will be spread across the year to maximize time off periods for most individuals as well as take advantage of season changes that aid training. Meals are not provided.


These Modular Elements will be offered throughout the year and will be open on a first come first serve admission basis. There will be no make-up days for those that are unable to make a specific module and refunds will not be issued. A minimum of 8 people (maximum of 12) are needed for the modules in order for them to be a “go”.


Any of our branches – Connecticut, Virginia and North Carolina. Please email us to find out specific locations in relation to where you live.


Application for membership to these courses requires an full payment to secure the dates. If you elect or need to use our vehicles the cost is a bit more. These cost are all laid out below.

Here is the one thing we stipulate... Once a course is scheduled, it is non-refundable if you cancel. Why do this, you ask? Basically it's so we can still run a course even if we have people that do not show up. We feel people that do show up should not be penalized.


You can register by contacting if you have any questions. Space is limited.

Using your vehicles:

$1,125.00 (per person/all modules)

Using our vehicles:

$1,500.00 (per person/all modules)

If you chose to use one of our vehicles for a specific module, the cost is $100. If you are registering “using your vehicle” the cost comes out to be $75 for each module to use one of our vehicles.

If you are using your own vehicle we require that it have safe recovery points front and rear, sliders and not have “street” tires. If you’re unsure if you should use your personal vehicle, please contact Erik Eisensmith at for more information.

Participants do not need to bring recovery gear. OEX provides all recovery gear and tools needed for all modules.

Group Registration and Cancellation Policy

Modular Elements are open to groups of 8-12 individuals as stated above. However, if scheduling, or preferences make this impossible, individuals or groups of fewer than 8 can train, but the cost per person will be higher. Once we have your payment, you'll be placed on a registered participant waiting list. We will contact you, and the course will be a "go", once we have the first 8, or other arrangements have been agreed upon as previously mentioned. If you register, and we do not meet the required number then you'll automatically be pre-registered for the very next course offered.

In addition there are no make-up dates if the participant is not able to make a module and they will not be refunded for that module. Cancellations can only be made under severe weather conditions made by the OEX instructor only. Meals are not provided.