4x4 Training

I found the recovery class very fun and I learned a lot. Again, thank you and you do a great job of teaching!”

— Bill C., Fairfax, VA

Our off road and Overland training curriculum is based on real life experience. Well over 35 years in the field driving all imaginable terrains with the best 4x4 drivers in the world has resulted in a core curriculum that just cannot be matched.

Well before the founding of OEX Bruce sought out the best trainers across the globe. From this experience he took the best information and techniques gleaned and combined it with his own wealth of experience; this began the development of the perfect curriculum. Every place we go to, or person we meet might have new and better ways of doing things. We’re addicted to new techniques. The physics and logic that they might have are tools of our trade; the ones that work well are rolled into our linear, methodical, and dynamic way of training. Tried and true techniques remain, of course, but only if they stand the test of time.

Our overreaching theme is to teach the Science of Off Road and 4x4 driving and Overland travel so that the natural Art and Finesse of the new skill set is in your hands and mind when the going gets rough and the skill is needed in an instant.

We divide our recreational training into two categories, 4x4 and Off Road driving and Overland Training. While there is massive overlap between the two, their focus and emphasis differs. Overland training is a broad subject. OEX’s Overland training is based on years driving through countries and across boarders out of necessity and not always pleasure. It did not have a name then, but now we call it “Overland”. Simply stated our training is not based on a few 4x4 vacations. There is a dramatic difference.

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