Industrial and Professional 4x4 and Off Road Driving

Many organizations with relief or emergency operations are becoming aware of the unacceptably high cost of vehicle accidents. For some it is the number one cause of employee fatalities. The full costs include personal injury, vehicle damage, job time loss and considerable legal liability.

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A small investment in OEX driver training can have a dramatic impact on accident rates. Join us on our purpose designed courses, with our specific curriculum and your organization can be assured your drivers will learn what their vehicles can and cannot do in extreme conditions and how to handle every emergency situation. OEX has spent years in extreme field conditions. We know all the risks and how to avoid or handle them.

What is the cost of a down vehicle, a stuck vehicle or an injured staff member? With our thorough training vehicle damage will be drastically reduced, physical injury to field operators will be much less likely to occur and time table predictability will be more reliable. An ounce of preventative measures will pay for itself many times over by training with OEX. We have the résumé’ and record to prove it.