Bruce Elfström

Born in Connecticut to a Swedish mother, UN and freelance journalist, and an American documentary filmmaker father, Bruce has been driving 4x4s since the age of seven.

Bruce Elfström, Overland Experts

At age 9 driving the woods of Maine; age 13 Ranger Rovers with 70mm roof mounted gun through Beirut and the Bekah Valley of Lebanon, age 20 backdoor to Libya. In the later 1980s, as a Biology graduate student, Bruce found himself teaching others how to get the best out of a 4x4 vehicle and do it without abuse to the vehicle, the environment, or to the bystanders or passengers. After years as a biologist publishing and teaching and leading field research, training off road driving and logistic, as well as leading ground based expeditions, Bruce decided to take what he loved and make a profession out of it – teaching, being outdoors, and making a science of off road and overland vehicle based movement.

In 1998 he established Overland Experts off road driving school and expedition logistic company. Today, some 18 years later and hundreds of students, Bruce sees OEX moving forward as it always has, doing it right, real and pragmatically.